Shane Burt

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Shane James Burt


August 4, 2003


Dirty Blonde





First Episode

Portrayed By

Mary Holmes Burt (Mother)

Tim Neve Burt (Estranged Father)

Degrassi Community School

BasketBall Team


Ryan Gosling

Shane James Burt Is Starting His Year At Degrassi Communtiy School As A 7th Grader. He Enters As A Class Clown But Total Flirt At Degrassi. He Is Best Friends With Jamie BostonMatt Stevenson And Ryan And Jake Heddler. He Is A BasketBall Player Along With His Friends And Loves Chatting Up With Cuties At Degrassi, Meaning 8th Graders. He Is Mostly Interested In Older Girls Hinting Him Only Hitting On 8th Grader Girls. He Is Described As Obnoxious And A Class Clown, He Mostly Hangs With His Friends. He Also Has A Crush On 8th Grader, Galleria Montez . He Resembles And Is Portrayed By Hollywood Actor, Ryan Gosling.

Early LifeEdit

Shane James Burt Was Born August 4, 2003 In Canada, Toronto By Mother, Mary Holmes Burt And Estranged Father, Tim Neve Burt. Ever Since Shane Was Born He Has Been Estranged From His Father, Who Left When He Was Only 4. Shane Quietly Deals With His Dad's Absence Horribly As He Finds Comfort In Trying to Fit In At School. He Never Had That Equal Attention At School So He Finds Comfort In School And Tries To Be The Most Funniest And Outgoing Any Guy At His School Could Be. During His Life, He Mostly Played Sports Like Basketball And Football But Mostly Stood Next to Basketball. In 3rd Grade He Met One Of His Best Friends, Jamie Boston And They Formed A Friendship Until Matt Stevenson Came Along In 4th Grade And The Heddler Twins In 5th To Finish The Group.


Season 1

He Mostly Wears Cool T's And Jeans And Sneakers. He Also Wears Silly Shirts And Mostly Keeps His Hair Clean And Sharp. He Also Wears Big Sweaters Over His Shirts.

Shane B

Shane in Season 1


  • He Does Have Similarities With Other Classmate, Tatum Hendricks
  • He Has A Big Crush On Classmate, Galleria Montez
  • He Deals With His Dad's Departure By Hiding In His Behavior At School
  • He Doesn't Like Girls Who Are Underclassmen 
  • He Is A Basketball Player
  • He Is The Only One In His Group That Always Confuses Jake And Ryan Heddler Together
  • He Wants to Be Popular In School
  • He Thrives For A Successful Life And Family With A Hot Supermodel
  • He's Into Older Girls
  • He Has Similarities With Former Degrassians, Late J.T. Yorke And Dave Turner.



  • Mary Holmes Burt (Mother)
    • Background: Ever Since His Father Left, They Both Have A Regular Mother And Son Relationship With Mom Working Two Jobs And Him Seraching For Attention. They Always Have Dinner Night As His Mom Struggles With The House Bill And Handling Two Jobs, Putting Food On The Table And Putting Clothes On Shane's Back


  • Jamie Boston (Best Friend)
    • '​'Start Up: 3rd Grade
      Shane And Jamie

      Shane And Jamie

    • Background: They Both Met In 3rd Grade And Bonded over Sports And Other Stuff. They Kept Their Friendship Going Adding Matt, Ryan And Jake To The Group.
  • Matt Stevenson (Best Friend)
    • Start Up: 4th Grade
      Shane And Matt

      Shane And Matt

    • Background: Both Met In 4th Grade And Became Friends Along With Jamie, They Both Share The Same Common Interests And Both Seem To Be In The Same Social Groups
  • Ryan Heddler (Best Friend)
    • ​Start Up: 5th Grade
      Shane And Ryan

      Shane And Ryan

    • Background: At First Shane Was Confused On Who Was Who But He Eventually Got Over it And Struggled With it As They Formed A Friendship Along With His Brother, Jake.
  • Jake Heddler (Best Friend)
    • Start Up: 5th Grade
      Shane And Jake

      Shane And Jake

    • Background: Both Met In 5th Grade And Formed A Bond Along With His Brother, Ryan And They Sticked With Eachother Along With Matt And Jamie.


  • Galleria Montez (Crush/Attraction)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade
      Shane And Galleria

      Shane And Galleria

    • Background: Shane First Saw Her When He Entered His First Day At Degrassi In 6th Grade And She Was The Perfect Girl For Him.