Justin Camboyd

Full Name



Date Of Birth

Eye Color

Hair Color

Justin John Camboyd


February 7, 2003







First Episode

Portrayed By

Heather Blaine Camboyd (Mother)

Jared Lane Camboyd (Father)

Jessica Van Camboyd (Sister)

Homeschool (Former)

Degrassi Community School



Josh Hutcherson

Justin Camboyd Is Starting 7th Grade At Degrassi Community School. He Enters As The New Kid Trying to Make It Through School, His Mother Is Heather Blaine Camboyd And Father, Jared Lane Camboyd. He Is Also The Younger Brother Of Current 8th Grade Degrassian, Jessica Camboyd , Who Is Also Running For School President. Justin Is Described As A Small, Sensitive, Average And Outgoing Guy Who Finds it Hard to Make New Friends At A New School. Before He Was Enrolled In Degrassi, His Whole Life He Was Homeschooled By His Mom Who Worked Two Jobs And Teaches Him On The Side. Justin Resembles And Is Portrayed By Actor, Josh Hutcherson.

Early LifeEdit

Justin Camboyd Was Born February 7, 2003 In Toronto,Canada By Mother, Heather Blaine Camboyd And Jared Lane Camboyd. Justin Was A Very Sheltered Child From Day One, He Would Have A Minimum Of Friends, He Would Always Have to Play Inside His Home, Go Out Atleast Once Or Twice A Week. He Started Being Homeschooled By His Mother, And Occasionally Would Have Tutors Come Over And Teach Him. As For His Sister, She Was Treated The Same Way As Justin But At Age 10 She Started Public School. Feeling Sheltered, Justin Begged His Parents to Enroll Him In A Public School, Agreeing His Parents Enrolled Him Into His Sister's School, Degrassi.


Season 1

Justin Is Very Casual Wearing, He Is Mostly Seen Wearing Baggy Pants, T-Shirts, Shirts, Open Flannels And He Usually Keeps His Hair Short And A Little Messy.
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Justin In Season 1


  • He Was Homeschooled.
  • He Is The Younger Brother Of Current 8th Grade Degrassian, Jessica Camboyd
  • He Used to Have A Crush On His Sister's Best Friend, Degrassian 8th Grade Student, Galleria Montez
  • He Is Very Average
  • He Likes Skateboarding During His Free Time
  • He Likes to Tease And Taunt His Big Sister
  • Degrassi Is His First Public School, Ever.



  • Jessica Camboyd (Sister)
    • ​Background: They Both Had The Usual Love/Hate Relationship, But In The End They Do Care For Eachother.

      Justin And Jessica

  • Heather Blaine Camboyd (Mother)
    • ​Background: Heather And Justin Show A Very Mothering And Son Relationship, Even Though Heather Is Very Over Protective Over Her Son, It Doesn't Stop Justin From Rebelling A Bit Against Her Orders And Rules But In The End They Both Love Each Other
  • Jared Lane Camboyd (Father)
    • ​Background: Even Though Jared Doesn't Agree With Some Of Heather's Parenting Skills, He Does Want What's Best For Justin, As They Both Have A Very Healthy Father-Son Relationship.


  • Galleria Montez (Former Crush/Attraction)
    • 'Start Up: When Justin Was 10
    • Ended: When Justin Was 11

      Justin And Galleria

      • Background: Galleria Is The Best Friend Of Justin's Big Sister, Jessica. Justin Gained A Crush On Her When Galleria Would Come Over And Hang With Jessica, His Little Crush Soon Ended When He Turned 11 Now Knowing Of Galleria's Personality.