Hallie Barns

Full Name



Date Of Birth

Eye Color

Hair Color

Hallie Mackenzie Barns


February 20, 2003


Light Brown





First Episode

Portrayed By

Linda Reese Barns (Mother)

Randy Mane Barns (Father)

Degrassi Community School



Emma Watson

Hallie Mackenzie Barns Is Starting Her Year At Degrassi Community School As A 7th Grader. She Enters As The Genius Who Cares Leaslty About Her Looks. She Is Known As A Typical Know-It-All Like Her Best Friend, Milly Blake. Even Though She May Be Smart And A Little Snobbish But She Is Far From Arrogant And Obnoxious, She Also Much More Friendlier, Nice And A People Pleaser. Hallie May Have Her Studies And Books On Her Mind But That Doesn't Stop Her From Crushing On Thomas Brother, Hayden Thomas . Will She Get Him to Be Hers, This Year? Or Will She Just Keep it To Herself And Admire Far Away? Hallie Resembles And Is Portrayed By English Actress, Emma Watson.

Early LifeEdit

Hallie Mackenzie Barns Was Born February 20, 2003 In Canada, Toronto By Her Mother, Linda Reese Barns And Father, Randy Mane Barns.

Hallie Is Described As A Outgoing And Friendly Girl Who Had A Determination to Be On Top, She Is Very Competitive And Mostly Spends Her Time, Reading And Doing Schoolwork, Ever Since She Was Little She Always Dreamed Of Making It Big And Successful In A Political Way And Going to Harvard With A Scholarship. In 3rd Grade She Met Her Best Friend, Milly Blake And They Kept Their Close Friendship Going. In 6th Grade She Met Cameron Baker-Nelson, Destiny Klark, Hayden Thomas And Zach Thomas, In Which She Started Gaining Her Crush On The Oldest Brother, Hayden.


Season 1

Hallie Is A Very Studious Girl Who Mostly Wears T-Shirts, Jeans And Sneakers. Mostly She Would Leave Her Hair Down, A Little Frizzy But Sometimes She Would Have Her Top Hair Up In A Ponytail With The Rest Of the Bottom Hair Flowing Down.
Hallie Barns

Hallie In Season 1


  • She Has Similarites to Former Degrassian, Liberty Van Zandt
  • She Is The Most Smartest (Besides Milly Blake) Out Of All The 7th Grade Girls
  • She Wants A Future In The Politics
  • She Wants to Go to Harvard
  • She Wants to Make Her Parents Make Proud Of Her
  • She Has A 2-Year Crush On Degrassian, Hayden Thomas
  • She Is Best Friends With Milly Blake



  • Milly Blake  (Best Friend)
    • Start Up: 3rd Grade

      Hallie And Milly

    • Background: They Both Met In 3rd Grade And Bonded Over Their Love Of School And Accomplishments in The Future. They Both Kept Their Friendship Going As It Grew Stronger And Stronger.
  • Cameron Baker-Nelson  (Friends, Good Terms)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Hallie And Cameron

    • Background: They Both Met In 6th Grade And They Become Neutral Towards Eachother And They Were More On Good Terms. They Are Keeping A Simple Friendship Going.
  • Destiny Klark (Good Terms)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Hallie And Destiny

    • Background: They Both Met In 6th Grade And Didn't Start on the Right Foot, They Both Had A Small Conflict With Eachother Until They Reconciled And Decided to Stay On Good Terms.
  • Zach Thomas (Friends)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Hallie And Zach

    • Background: They Both Met In 6th Grade As They Were in The Same Classes Together And They Both Helped Each Other With Their Weaknesses (Like Math And Art)
  • Hayden Thomas (Good Terms, Unrequited Crush)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade

      Hallie And Hayden

    • Background: Hallie Took Notice Of Him When He Entered Her Homeroom In The 6th Grade And Since Then She Has 'Fallen In Love', They Both Are On Good Terms As They Both Hang Out With Cameron And Destiny.


  • Hayden Thomas (Unrequited Crush)
    • ​Start Up: 6th Grade
    • Background: Hallie Took Notice of Him When He Entered Her Homeroom Class And She Had Fallen In Love With Him At First Sight, She Liked How He Was Smart Just Like Her And Organzid Like She Was, Much to Hayden's Dismay.